Libertyville Township would like to thank the following sources for providing information for this inventory:

  • Applied Ecological Services, Inc.: Created the report entitled Opportunity for Ecological Restoration in Libertyville Township Properties Lake County, Illinois, which was used as the basis for the ecological descriptions in this document.
  • Lake County Department of Information and Technology, GIS and Mapping Division: For 1939 Black and White aerial photograph, 2005 Black and White aerial photograph, Property Lines Layers, Wetlands Layers, & 5 Foot Topographic Lines Layers
  • Lake County Stormwater Management Commission: For 2 Foot Topographic Lines Layer
  • Liberty Prairie Foundation & Conserve Lake County: For Agricultural Land Layer, Illinois Nature Preserves Layer, Lake County Forest Preserve Layer, Liberty Prairie Reserve Layer, Liberty Prairie Reserve Protected Land Layer, Libertyville Township Layer, Libertyville Township Open Space District Layer, State Parks and Natural Areas Layer, Streams Layer, Trails Layer, & Village of Libertyville Layer
  • Libertyville Township Assessors Office: For providing parcel information and access to property records
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI): For U.S. States Layer