Atkinson Road Property Wetland Mitigation Bank Update - 12/23/11 (pdf)

Over the last several years, a significant amount of work has taken place on Libertyville Township's Atkinson Road Property. The Village of Green Oaks needed to construct a basin to relieve reoccurring flooding issued as part of the Atkinson Road Improvement Project. Libertyville Township is now moving forward on plans to restore the remainder of the site.

Libertyville Township has entered into an agreement with Land and Water Resources, Inc. to develop a wetland mitigation bank on the property. The project has been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. Over the next several months, a variety of activities will be occurring on the property which will include the clearing of buckthorn, burning of brush piles, improvements to the trails and the planting of native seeds. During the creation of the wetland mitigation bank, Land and Water Resources must adhere to the strict requirements established by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife as required by the permit. As a result, Land and Water Resources will be allowed to sell wetland mitigation credits to developers and the Township will receive a percentage of the sales. The funds from the sales will be used for the ongoing maintenance of the Atkinson Road Property and other township open space property.

Libertyville Township and Land and Water Resources, Inc. have worked together on other township open space properties to create wetland mitigation banks. The most notable site is located off of Butterfield Road which is known as our Canterbury Property.

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