Winchester Road Soccer Complex Map


  • Gross Acres (ga): 115.080
  • Net Acres (na): 115.080
  • Trails (Miles): 0
  • Wetlands (Acres): 22.56
  • Agricultural (Acres): 0


  • Peterson: 12/26/86 - 115.080 ga - (115.080 na) - $920,920.00
  • Total Cost: $920,920.00 + 35 acre donation

Site Notes

This site is leased to the Libertyville Township Soccer Complex.

Ecological Description (Applied Ecological Services, Inc. 1997)

This site has been largely developed as a sports facility. Soils on this site are mapped as silt loam on gently rolling slopes with hydric mineral and organic soils occurring on approximately 15% of the property. A wetland on the west end, adjacent to Hwy 45 drains to the NE along the north property boundary into the Bull Creek system to the north. Vegetation cover associated with the soccer fields and surrounding area is mowed lawn and landscape plantings. The wetland is highly disturbed and supports mainly cattails and reed canary grass.