River Road Map


  • Gross Acres (ga): 80.186
  • Net Acres (na): 77.665
  • Trails (Miles): 0
  • Wetlands (Acres): 0.74
  • Agricultural (Acres): 51.15


  • Getz*: 10/30/86 - 80.186 ga - (77.665 na) - $600,000.00
  • Total Cost: $600,000.00

* Though the Township owns the majority of the Getz parcel fee simple, it owns a conservation easement on the remaining 20.000 gross acres, 19.545 net acres.

Ecological Description (Applied Ecological Services, Inc. 1997)

This site is situated on gently rolling uplands with silt loam soils that are predominantly moderately to well-drained. Approximately 10 % of the property is mapped as poorly to somewhat poorly-drained soils. Surface waters drain to the east through treed and grassy drainage swales in two locations at the east end of the property. The property is currently occupied by a horse stable operation. Much of the land is fenced and maintained as pasture and hay ground with alfalfa and clovers. Some old oaks occur in the treed swale. A small cattail/reed canary grass wetland, associated with an off-site created pond, occurs on the NE corner of the property.