Butterfield Road Map


  • Gross Acres (ga): 131.533
  • Net Acres (na): 129.625
  • Trail: (Miles): 1.74 (Hiking and Biking)
  • Wetlands (Acres): 22.29 (estimate - see below)
  • Agricultural (Acres): 0


  • Canterbury: 01/30/89 - 50.250 ga - (50.250 na) - $2,000,000.00
  • Cuneo* **: 12/04/89 - 81.283 ga - (79.375 na) - $4,400,000.00
  • Total Cost: $6,400,000.00

* The County acquired an additional right of way from the Township in order to complete the Butterfield Road widening in 2001/2002. The original net size of the property was 79.635 acres.

** There is a deed restriction on the entire net area of the property held by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, preventing future development.

Site Notes

The Cuneo (South) parcel is now a wetland mitigation bank created by Land and Water Resources, Inc.. In 2003 the project was completed, and management was turned back over to Libertyville Township. The official Lake County wetland theme has not been updated since this project's completion. In response, the newly created weltands were approximated for this document. A public trail system was installed as part of the mitigation project providing public access to this prairie and wetland site.

Ecological Description (Applied Ecological Services, Inc. 1997)

The Canterbury [north] parcel is the "back yard" to residential development on Butterfield Road. A bike/walking trail courses through the property. The level to gently sloping soils are mapped as well drained to moderately well drained silt loam on 60% of the parcel. The remainder is mapped as poorly drained silt clay loam. The area is maintained as mowed lawn and prairie. The Commonwealth Edison Utility borders the parcel on the west and northwest. [Additional property belonging to the Township borders the property to the south.] A small cattail wetland is situated in the southwest corner of the property. This parcel [has] been planted with prairie and wildflowers and a tree component. An agreement between the Homeowner's Association and Township requires the Township to manage this site.

The Cuneo [south] parcel is on level to gently sloping soils, approximately 50% of which are mapped as well drained to moderately well drained silt clay loam. A wooded drainage channel lies along the south edge.