The Assessor's Office has the responsibility of reviewing and valuing all property within its jurisdiction. By state law, the assessed value placed on property must be one-third of the market value. All local bodies of government, including townships and schools, receive their incomes from taxes levied against assessed property values. However, the Assessor's Office does not determine or issue Tax Bills. This is done by the Lake County Treasurer's Office.

The Asssessor's Office also:

  • Assist appraisers, realtors, and homeowners with property information.
  • Supply names and addresses for properties applying for variances.
  • Assist seniors filing for senior homestead exemptions.
  • Notify seniors about exemptions through publications and mailings.
  • Provide circuit breaker forms for seniors and disabled persons.
  • Free notary for Libertyville Township residents.
  • Provide information requested for assessment appeals.
  • Provide records of property sales within the Township.
  • Answer questions relating to assessments and the taxing process