This website contains a detailed description and assessed valuation of all parcels in Libertyville Township. The property characteristic information shown on this website is current and from the Libertyville Township Assessor’s property records.

Visit to:

  • Review your property characteristics
  • Research sales and/or properties within your neighborhood
  • Create necessary comparable grids for use in a tax appeal




Libertyville Township Assessment notices are scheduled to be published Thursday October 31, 2019. The thirty day appeal period starts on the date of publication.            


  • The County requires ALL appeals to be filed online.
  • Libertyville Township residents will need to visit to create their comparable grid sheets that will be later attached as a PDF with their online appeal. *

*The sales and/or equity grids created from our new website contain the most current and accurate property characteristics for each parcel.




The Township Assessor is an elected position (4-year terms). The assessor must be certified by the state and meet the continuing education requirements. As assessor it is my job to value all the parcels within the township. After we have valued the property, we apply the assessed value, which is 33 1/3% of market value. The assessor's office also applies any exemptions for which property owners qualify. These exemptions include homestead exemptions, senior exemptions, senior freeze exemptions, and home improvement exemptions.

It is the responsibility of the assessor to pick up any new property and add it to the tax roles. This includes new homes and businesses, additions, or anything else that may add value to the property. We receive copies of permits from the nine municipalities and the county (unincorporated areas) within the Township. Some services the Assessor's Office provide are:

  • Assist appraisers, realtors, and homeowners with property information.
  • Supply names and addresses for properties applying for variances.
  • Assist seniors filing for senior homestead exemptions.
  • Notify seniors about exemptions through publications and mailings.
  • Free notary for Libertyville Township residents.
  • Provide information requested for assessment appeals.
  • Provide records of property sales within the Township.
  • Answer questions relating to assessments and the taxing process.


 For any residential tax information please contact our office directly.